Evgenii Shmoish

UX Designer | Conceptionist

I use a variety of tools to satisfy my customers' needs. Most of my works start off with paper scribbles, and depending on the project I choose other tools for realization.
I think on today quick evolving market it is important to stay up to date with technologies. Therefore I am allways glad to learn and use something new.

UX Designer @ Kalorimeta GmbH

8.2018 - heute

At the moment I am helping a great company to accomplish a digital transformation. Especially regarding the digital services - me and my colleagues are the founders of a design department at our company and are working from scratch.
My job is the coordination of our team between different project teams, as well as designing a UX concept for a new platform of our company. This platform will be unifying a lot of different services as web services.
I am also responsible for our new digital CI, and develop my designs as a component library for our development.

UX Designer für Experience Agentur

10.2017 - 3.2018

I was working half a year for a newly founded Experience Agency .muse49. I was responsible for all UX matters in our office. 
Sadly there were only 2 UX projects while I was onboards, and most of the time I spend coding Front Ends. Due to the lack of projects the agency and I went separate ways.
Never the less .muse49 is one of my favorite agencies out there.

UX Designer für Banken

9.2016 - 9.2017

I worked for a year in a banking consultancy named Comparus. My responsibility was the UX concept and UI Design for a whole banking system(B2B and B2C in one platform).
A SaaS solution containing different kind of services necessary for the banking business. 
I was creating wireframes, low- and high fidelity prototypes and refactored these continuously with the customer.

Because I was the only designer in the company, it was hard for me to focus on the project due to all kind of smaller tasks. Therefore I first tried to focus on the project, but then decided to switch the company because I received no support.

My ideas and concepts

seit 2017

The following presentations are my own creations. They cover very different topics, but are all same due to the presentation framework. Either clickdummies or pitch decks - all the ideas are explained visually.
Feel free to contact me regarding any of the following concepts. I am still actively working on a few of those.

Founding a local chat

6.2016 - 10.2016

After I had to accept the failure with my first start-up, me and my colleague decided to move on together.
We have reviewed our sketched ideas and found one we could not resist. After a deep analysis of market opportunities we began our work on chat4street.
It's called chat4street because it is ment to be used outside. Wherever you are - turn on chat4street and you are instantly connected with other users in a physical radius of 100 meters.

We have received great feedback for the concept. However, no VC Fond agreed to support us due to very high risk and necessary markeing budget.

Studies: communication design

4.2012 - 3.2015

The following are my works from 2015 and before which I made during my design studies.
As you will figure, I yet did not know what I want to do afterwards. So I have visited as many different classes as I could until I found myself in digital products.

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